Bibliothèque al-Qādī al-āqib as-Sanhājī

Le responsable :Imam Abdourahmane al-āqib

Nombre de manuscrits :3 000.

Adresse :quartier Sankoré


Bailleurs :

  • Fondation Ford
  • Coopération Mali-Luxembourg (Projet MLI/015 « manuscrits de Tombouctou »)


État actuel de la bibliothèque :


Les locaux :  

  • Une salle de manuscrits
  • Une salle de lecture
  • Un bureau du Directeur

Besoins de la bibliothèque :

  • Renforcement des capacités des ressources humaines et matérielles,
  • Appui au fonctionnement
  • Catalogage des manuscrits
  • Extension des locaux

Les réactions

Avatar Emil Mizgalski

At the beginning let me introduce myself. My name is Emil Mizgalski. I live in Poland. I publish a quarterly "ILLUMINATIONS". It is a magazine on old manuscript_s, old books and maps all over the worls. It is the only regular magzine in Europe that treats on manuscript_s. Next year (maybe this year in December - January 2016) I would like to organize a trip to Mali and Mauritania. I wish to get for a month. I wish to take photos for exhibition, make a film and write articles in my magazine and write a book. My company is very small. I publish magazine only in Poland and Polish language. You can see my magazine on my website: I wish to take photos of books not only in Bamako. I heard the story of your action of saving the books. I would like to take photos also in other small towns. I want to paln my trip carefully.I need any contact from Mauritania. Do you know somebody from Mauritania ? Could you help me to organize the trip. I need lots of information.
By the way, if we are talking on manuscript_s, Haven't you got by happen in your collections the rihla book by Abu al-Husayn Muhammad ibn Ahmad Ibn Jubayr al-Kinasi from al-Andalus who started trip throughout Mediterranean in 1183 year ?
Well, now I'm going to finish. I'm looking forward to hear from you soon.
Emil Mizgalski
mobile phone: +48 502 280 310
Fax: +48 74 841 80 92

Le 08-04-2015 à 21:18:06