Message from the President

Timbuktu was as well a commercial center as an intellectual and spiritual capital city where Afro-Islamic culture flourished for centuries. In addition to the trans-Saharan trade in which Timbuktu served as a center, gold of the Ghana empire (Mali) made famous by the pilgrimage of the Emperor Kankou Moussa in 1325, attracted scholars from the Eastern and Maghreb world.

The result of this is the Timbuktu manuscripts. Indeed, the intellectual activity in Timbuktu is characterized by the production of an impressive number of manuscripts dealing with all subjects.

However, these manuscripts are in worrying conservation conditions. They are unknown to researchers and generally inaccessible. This fact justifies the existence and mission of the SAVAMA-DCI NGO.

Being conscious of:


  • the large number of manuscripts in Timbuktu and Mali,
  • the scientific value of manuscripts that are a precious and endless source for research,
  • the identity value of manuscripts for Mali and Africa,
  • the need for Africa to contribute to resolve contemporary issues
  • the need for manuscripts preservation and recovery for future generations,
  • threats to the manuscripts unknown and exposed to various hazards
  • the need to access and share manuscripts with the largest number of users,
  • the need to develop manuscripts through research,
  • the issue of digital exploitation,

The SAVAMA-DCI NGO has given itself the mission of preserving, valorising and defending old manuscripts.